Winslet, Phair, Mehrotra, Panzarino, Venice, Saraceno, Eno

  1. Kate Winslet’s performance in Mare of Easttown. I spent a few formative teenage years living outside of Philadelphia in Delaware County, so the moment just a few minutes in where she says the word “homeowner” I had to pause the stream and put my head between my knees. This Maureen…

wolves do the work all year long at their own expense

Following a raindrop down the Mississippi.
  1. The Number Ones: Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine. Stereogum’s Tom Breihan has been every #1 hit in the Billboard Hot 100, chronologically. “For years, Slash claimed to hate Sweet Child O’ Mine. The song, he thought, went against the sound that the band had established for themselves. …

  1. Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR. This is gonna be in heavy rotation all weekend, and probably all summer. I loved Julius Bridgeforth’s review.
  2. StackBlitz’s WebContainers simultaneously feels years overdue, and completely mindblowing. “WebContainers allow you to create fullstack Node.js environments that boot in milliseconds and are immediately online & link shareable —…

Michael Sippey

Person of interests.

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