I find this interesting:

In an unexpected development, the second season of “Serial,” which is about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, is moving to a biweekly broadcasting schedule.

Leave aside the particulars of the “narrative developments” (not “news developments,” see story for more context) that are driving this shift in scheduling for a moment. What’s interesting to me is watching one of the most popular podcasts in the history of the medium adjust their form in real time. They wouldn’t have gone into this season without a rough understanding of how they would tell the story week over week, what chapters would come when. They most likely sold the season to sponsors based on a particular number of episodes spread over a particular number of weeks; that’s been tossed. And if they are sticking to their episode commitment, then it means that they basically just doubled their expense run rate for the remainder of the season.

I love that they made this call: it means that they trust their story, their ability to tell it, and the willingness of their audience and sponsors to adjust mid-season. And don’t be fooled by the longer timeframe: having two weeks to do something doesn’t make it easier than having one week to do it.

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