Continuous improvement requires an unbroken feedback loop

I love Blue Bottle’s decision to discontinue their wholesale coffee business.

We have learned that crafting increasingly delicious coffee is an iterative process that only works when your buyers, production teams, roasters, baristas and cafes are interconnected and sharing their discoveries. Continuous improvement requires an unbroken feedback loop.

I was lucky enough to hear James Freeman speak last week in Nashville at Pandoland, and what came through loud and clear is his focus on quality. When Sarah Lacy asked him how they’re going to scale the business, he didn’t hesitate for one moment to reply that the only way they know how to grow their business is to make better coffee, and through that make a better experience for their customers. If they don’t control the experience, they can’t make it better. End of story.




Person of interests.

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Michael Sippey

Michael Sippey

Person of interests.

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