for lumbersexuals

See if you can make it through this single paragraph from the New York Times Magazine story about buffalo plaid, without wanting to gouge your eyes out with grapefruit spoons.

The ‘‘lumbersexual’’ is a figure bestriding recent literature from the lifestyle coverage of the Sundance Film Festival to academic papers analyzing the narrative of the zeitgeist. Considered as a consumer, his natural habitat is a men’s shop decorated with elegant axes — the sort of place where a customer, proceeding to the register with his four-figure parka, evaluates impulse purchases including handmade lanyards and flask bottles of beard oil. Buffalo plaid is the linchpin of the existence of a social type. This fellow somehow remains a viable mode of masculine cool, despite having passed his rational expiration date. He is hunkering down for a while, waiting to see how things shake out with gender fluidity and patriarchal decline.

Feeling stabby? Here, have some plaid with which to hunker down for a while. And remember, you’re nothing if not the linchpin of the existence of a social type.




Person of interests.

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Michael Sippey

Michael Sippey

Person of interests.

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