filtered for color

Michael Sippey
2 min readMay 22, 2020

Maybe it’s that I’ve been spending a lot of time with color pickers lately, but I’m really into this “kaleidoscopic sculpture” by Felipe Pantone. (Via Colossal.)

It would have been super obvious for this to sit on some sort of motorized track, but I love that it’s up to the viewer to find just the right overlap to suit them. (Even if the viewer in the video above is a creepy disembodied hand.)

I’m sure there’s some David Lynch film that features a creepy (and even maybe disembodied) hand, but forgive that terrible segue because I’m obsessed with Lynch’s daily weather reports from Los Angeles, which he’s posting to his YouTube channel. Here’s today’s:

I’ll transcribe it, because it’s just wonderfully mundane:

Good morning, it’s May 22, two thousand and twenty, and it’s a Friday. Here in L.A. we’ve got some…some clouds, but plenty of blue sky and golden sunshine coming, a slight breeze. It’s 65 degrees farenheit right now, 18 celsius. It should get up to around 75 degrees and sunny this afternoon, 23 or 24 degrees celsius. Have a great day everyone.

Three notes. First, I love how looks up to the window and describes the blue sky and golden sunshine, leaving it to the viewer to imagine what he’s seeing. Second, he’s clearly experimenting with some kind of blue tint; it varies day to day. Here are keyframe thumbnails of nine of them:

Third, I’m really into his office and its bunker vibe. (That phone box!). If he were going to run this forever, I’d want to train an algorithm to identify and catalog the objects that show up on his desk.

Apple obviously has bet big on time; but they’re doing something interesting across devices to connect time to color. I’m a late convert, but I’m really enjoying the combination of “automatic dark mode” plus the “solar gradients” desktop background on the Mac. Both become a visual reminder of what time it is, and the color shift of the solor gradient background is remarkably subtle throughout the day, and is very well done. More like this, please.