for just one sentence (week of aug 10 2015)

  1. Bret Easton Ellis, Thoughts on David Foster Wallace and ‘The End of the Tour.
  2. Maya Prohovnik, Surprising users with something delightful.
  3. John Hermann, Time is a Privacy Setting.
  4. David Leonhardt and Kevin Quealy, Are You Smarter Than Other New York Times Readers?
  5. Benedict Evans, How is the Apple Watch Doing?
  6. The New York Times built a Slack bot to help decide which stories to post to social media.
  7. Ian Bogost, Don’t Hate the Phone Call, Hate the Phone.
  8. Charles Fishman, How California is Winning the Drought.
  9. Jessica Winter, Why t’s Move to HBO Is Both Great and Extremely Depressing.
  10. Mallory Ortberg, Torch Songs Where The Word ‘Me’ Has Been Replaced By ‘Bees’.



Person of interests.

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