Filtered for Two Things

Jony Ive and Star Wars robots

  1. I couldn’t make my way through the New Yorker profile of Ive this morning, I guess I’ll have to try again. Even though I understand from Twitter screenshorts that there are plenty of interesting bits in there, I just couldn’t get over the “let’s out-Isaacson Isaacson”-ness of the piece. The piece I want on Apple they won’t let anyone write: the 25–50k word piece that details all the interlocking logistics it takes from software, hardware, manufacturing, operations, marketing, retail and customer support to ship a product like the iPhone 6. I mean Ive is surely great, but what’s making Apple great right now is how they’re executing. I want story.
  2. From Deb Chachra’s Metafoundry newsletter (subscribe!), a comparison of the robots of the world of Star Wars to those from Pixar land.I can’t wait to see how J.J. Abrams handles this. (Mystery box!)

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