1. Bill Simmons leaves ESPN, and Twitter blows up wondering where he’s headed next. Will it be Buzzfeed? Will it be Vox? My bet is that he’s feeling burned from the Grantland experience under the ESPN/Disney umbrella, and will want to do it on his own. He can raise the $, and it opens up lots of opportunities for not doing the normal thing (*cough*build a website*cough*). My joke on Twitter was only half-kidding: “Imagine the #mediatwitter firestorm if Bill Simmons announces he’s joining Facebook to create the next mobile-only sports network.” Of course, he doesn’t need to join Facebook to do that; they’ll give him the < 8 second load times he needs, and share the ad revenue with him. Speaking of which…
jesus. fucking. christ.

Avid reader, long time blogger, art nerd, Swiftie. I work at Medium.

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