filtered, week of dec 8 2014

Infinite media shelf space means a bounty of director’s and super-fan commentary. Two sonic examples:

  1. Maximum Fun’s Song Exploder podcast. I’m late to this (as in most things!) but so good. Loved the ep on Spoon’s Inside Out.
  2. This multi-thousand word piece on sound in World of Warcraft, and playing the game for 10 years. “Hearing the ‘level up’ sound not only makes you feel super rad because of the goal you just finished, but it also reminds you of every goal (grand or not so grand) you ever attained.” (via @pandemona)

Joseph Kahn is my new superhero. Because not only did he direct the Blank Space video, he solved Serial. Which means Sarah Koenig’s like…

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Kahn also wrote a great blog post about the rule of thirds earlier this year. Here’s a taste:

We spend a lot of time as humans looking for each other’s eyes. I think it may be the most dominant thing we do as social predators — look for eyes. We expect to see two dots staring back at us, spaced at a certain distance, so we see this in inanimate objects as a survival mechanism. Everything we call “balance” in composition is an anthropomorphic reaction to our need to feel two sides to complete both eyes.

Go read the whole thing, because the end of the (short) post is amazing and I won’t spoil it for you. —dec 11

I love this. The New York Times brought together pairs of actors and filmed nine kisses. The Jason Schwartzman / Patricia Arquette one is perfect; again, I’m not into spoilers. —dec 11

Steven Levy’s piece on Tock from earlier this month is great, but if you really want to understand what Nick Kokonas, Brian Fitzpatrick and Grant Achatz are up to, go back and read Nick’s epic blog post. This point is key:

The new Apps coming out such as Resy, Table8, FoodForAll, Killer Rezzy, and others (those are just the ones mentioned in the WSJ article) exist as yet another layer between the customer and the restaurant. They are essentially yet another gatekeeper even though they ‘get you in’ for a fee. As a customer I’d rather just deal directly with the restaurant — I’m then known to the restaurant personally, get better service, and the restaurant and not a third party app receives the benefit of my spending. As a restaurant I can better engage with customers, do not have to pay yet another third-party service, receive 100% of the proceeds, and can better control both my image and sales pricing. The restaurant also should not need to enter information on customers into multiple systems, resulting in increased labor costs for only marginal dollar gains. I mean, selling a table for $ 20 on an app doesn’t get me much but could incur bad will, extra labor, and an unknown customer.

— dec 10

Andy Baio took his son on a tour of video games, in chronological order. “If you have a kid, why not run experiments on them? It’s like running experiments on a little clone of yourself! And almost always probably legal.” — dec 10

Robin Sloan’s list of “Big Winter Books,” delivered via his newsletter. I won’t share them here without context because that wouldn’t be fair to Robin. I couldn’t find a link to an archived version online, so if you want me to forward you a copy, email me. —dec 10

Nick Denton writes great memos to his staff. This year’s theme (in addition to a bunch of management / title changes): back to blogging.

As a company, we are getting back to blogging. It’s the only truly new media in the age of the web. It is ours. Blogging is the essential act of journalism in an interactive and conversational age. Our bloggers surface buried information, whether it’s in an orphaned paragraph in a newspaper article, or in the government archives. And we can give the story further energy by tapping readers for information, for the next instalment of the story, and the next round of debate.

Meanwhile, Facebook is pushing trending news more aggressively. —dec 10

Everything, lately, reminds me of Black Mirror. Like this: Sam Lessin wonders who will become the Apple of Drones. “Eventually most video, from a baby’s first steps to weddings, will be taken by a little autonomous flying bot allowing you to stay in the moment.” —dec 9

Bored yet? Read last week’s filtered. I’m sure it’s still fresh.

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