filtered: week of nov 24 2014
a short one because pie)

In the Trenches of the Facebook Election, by John Hermann at The Awl.

Believing that the dominant social software does not think you are in any way special is difficult to reconcile with the conventional wisdom that it also controls the future of your industry. Together, these ideas are fatal to the ego, and so they cannot both be true.

Chronicle of a Riot Foretold, by Jelani Cobb at The New Yorker.

Last night, the streets of Ferguson were congested with smoke and anger and disillusionment and disbelief, and also with batons and the malevolent percussion of gunfire and the hundreds of uniformed men brought here to marshal and display force.

I Will Only Bleed Here, by Bijan Stephen in Today in Tabs.

I spent last night at a bar, very drunk, trying to figure out what I’d say. I’d spent the day trying to accept what I already knew — that there’d be no indictment, that justice didn’t and never has lived here. I don’t know that she ever will. I’d blind her if I could.

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This movie.

There’s a bunch of really interesting stuff online about Interstellar, which I’m sure you’ve all read already, but I’m collecting here for me. What are bulk beings?; Wired: The Warped Astrophysics of Interstellar; Watch Kip Thorne and Christopher Nolan Discuss the Physics of Interstellar; and On Interstellar, love, time and the limitless prison of our Cosmos which has this great line:

It’s not that love conquers anything; it is that our lives are a strange journey through time, through the infinite prison, and in doing so we have love as a result, a revolt against the “colossal hoax of calendars and clocks” as e.e. cummings wrote.

Go see it in IMAX if you haven’t. —nov 24

God I love pie. Read last week’s filtered.

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