The Times has a beautifully illustrated feature about what a school experience could like in the age of COVID…from the bus ride to entering school to classroom instruction to hallway transitions.

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Swiped from the NYT.

A lot of what’s illustrated here reminds me of the bracing argument that Harley Litzelman made on Medium back in May in his piece “We Cannot Return to Campus This Fall.”

Last night our daughter’s high school hosted a “town hall” (aka “webinar”) where they walked through their current distance learning plan (aka “Zoom”), and the alternative “blended learning” plan where, given a dramatic turnaround in cases in our county, the school would actually start having students attend classes on a schedule that reminds me of alternate side street parking.

The plan is smart. It’s conservative. It’s science-based. There will be all sorts of social distancing — in the buses, the hallways, the classrooms, the labs, the library…it’s basically straight out of that NYT piece. Listening to the plans last night, we were nodding our heads a family, thinking “this makes sense, this makes sense.” And then they shared photos of what this would look like, having done the work already to rearrange the classrooms, the labs, the library. It was a gut punch…especially for our teenager.

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Living, as we are, in this terrible run-on sentence, seeing photos of places that mean so much to her — places that are literally designed to create social interaction amongst already hyper-social teens — reconfigured for distance, was so, so hard. And yet…it’s the best plan in a terrible situation.

On the bright side, she can always wear this to class?

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Liz Fosslien made these. Brilliant.

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