Heather! Thanks for the response!

So I think it would have added a tremendous amount to the story and conflict and character development if Jobs’ family had been a part of the story. And I think Sorkin is a good enough screenwriter to have pulled it off and still had the screenplay be as tight as it was.

My point about the wire transfer was that this was how Jobs is portrayed to have solved family problems, which is…unhealthy at best? I’m honestly not angling for a “fair and balanced” portrayal — art rarely comes from that. But Sorkin wasn’t making a movie about “Bob Smith” he was making a movie about “Steve Jobs,” where that relationship is the emotional core. I care not at all for the fictionalizing of the product launches or the timing of when Woz left the company. But I wish this part of the movie rang more true.

And yeah, Steven nailed the interview.

Hope you’re well!

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