If you have HBO or HBO Max, then you owe it to yourself to queue up American Utopia, the film of David Byrne’s Broadway show directed by Spike Lee. It’s just chock full of joy…and beautiful gray suits. I loved this bit from Rachel Syme’s piece in The New Yorker, comparing the suits of Utopia to The Suit of Stop Making Sense.

In “Stop Making Sense,” Byrne was prominently placed onstage, an outsized front man in that eye-catching big suit, while the rest of the band often receded into a shadowy blob. It is striking how the gray suits of “American Utopia” accomplish the very opposite, telegraphing a rare kind of harmony, and a lack of hierarchy, within the group performance, even if that performance is Byrne’s brainchild. Each member of the company gets a chance to solo, to stand out, to fly separately from the flock.

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