run-on sentences suck

The past 28 days have felt like one long run-on sentence moving ahead relentlessly without pause without respite without the punctuating moments of life like commutes and in-person meetings and breakfasts and lunches and dinners in restaurants and parties with friends and discovering new bars and ordering a new cocktail you’ve never tried or seeing a show like that one favorite band of yours that you’ve already seen a dozen times and were looking forward to seeing again or getting on a plane and flying to a different city and seeing people you don’t get to see in person very often and catching up and sharing stories and giving them hugs and kisses goodbye instead it’s wake up do some exercise open the laptop fire up zoom talk to pixels type in slack draw pictures take a break make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich go back to the screen write more in slack talk to more pixels draw more pictures then close the laptop make dinner watch a show go to bed repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat.

Written by

Labs @ Medium. Avid reader, long time blogger.

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