Ten BART observations

(inspired by Buster Benson’s goal of using BART time for writing)

Michael Sippey
1 min readMay 22, 2015

1. Cheaters. The guys who hover while the train pulls on to the platform and then casually shoulder their way past the queue of people to push to one of the remaining open seats.

2. Addicts. The quick visual scan to confirm that 4 out of 5 commuters surveyed prefer their handheld computing device over anything else.

3. Preparers. The carried coats that were worn on the way in this morning when the summer fog was dense.

4. Ventriloquists. The conductor routinely announcing the transfer point at 19th Street Station, and the woman standing holding on to the strap mouthing the words along with him.

5. Eavesdroppers. Listening to the conversation happening right next to you and hearing the words but not really putting them together into a coherent set of sentences.

6. Pushers. The shuffle when the car is full and a passenger buried in the middle needs to push their way through and starts to panic, mildly, when they fear they won’t make it out before the doors close on them.

7. Addicts, part 2. The palpable sigh of relief when cell coverage is stronger coming out of the tunnel and iMessages start flowing and pulls refresh again.

8. Avoiders. Not making eye contact. Ever.

9. Fans. The three guys who are flushed red from the afternoon sun and the post-game drinks, and hoarse from rooting for their MVP pitcher.

10. Toe tappers. The anticipation of yours being the next stop.