Ten ways to complain now that the New York Times doesn’t have a public editor

  1. Write an actual letter to the editor. By hand. Mail it in an envelope. Maybe include a sticker! Or a piece of gum. Or maybe a temporary tattoo! Something to get your letter noticed.
  2. Grab Signal, message the Times pretending to be Jared Kushner delivering a confidential tip, and then confuse the hell out of them by complaining about the coverage of Hillary Clinton during the election.
  3. If you’re a print subscriber, call 800-NYTIMES to complain about delivery service and ask them where your real newspaper is.
  4. Leave a one star rating on the NYT app in the App Store, and go deep into your concerns about the Times’ reporting. Super deep.
  5. Download the NYT Crossword App and fit your angry feedback into the little squares, and just get angrier when the app tells you your answer is “wrong.”
  6. Install the NYT Cooking app, and invent your own genre of “subrecipe-ing” where you collect all the worst dishes you can imagine into a new folder called “What Dean Baquet should eat this weekend.”
  7. Research all your product purchases on Wirecutter and Sweethome, but don’t buy them with their affiliate links. Leave lengthy one-star product reviews on Amazon.com blaming The New York Times for your purchase decision…and artificially introducing jitter into the prediction needle on election night.
  8. Yell at your newspaper delivery guy as he drives by, and hope that he doesn’t have peternatural aim.
  9. Tweet to your followers.
  10. Blog.

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