The Kornacki show I’d love to see

Michael Sippey
2 min readJan 20, 2021

Here’s the nightly news program I’d love to see. An hour every night of Steve Kornacki doing in-depth analysis of vaccination activity. State by state. County by county. City by city. Hospital by hospital. Health group by health group.

This energy, but for vaccinations.

How many doses have been delivered? How many have been administered? What percentage of each population tier have been vaccinated? What percentage of the overall population? Where are the trendlines heading?

They could break up the frenetic Korancki energy with profiles of doctors, of nurses, of drugstore workers, of scientists, of the people making sure that the vaccination spots are run effectively. They could do analysis of how vaccination in the US is going compared to, say, Israel. They could talk with vaccinated citizens about their experience, and just everyday people about what they’re looking forward to enjoying once things are back to normal.

And, of course, the network can do hard reporting on why certain areas are trending up or trending down. What’s happening with vaccine delivery? What’s working or what’s not working with different tiering systems? Why are lines so long? How are people getting notified that vaccines are available? What percentage of vaccines are going to waste? And how do those supercold refrigerators work, anyway?

Finally, they could hire epidemiologists to “call” a state as “healthy.” Imagine Kornacki getting an update from his producer in his ear at 8:30 eastern on a Tuesday night. “Wait, wait — I’m just getting this from the decision desk. We are now prepared to call the state of Maine as healthy.”

This would be great television.