The spinner just kept spinning

On “The end of the Tour”

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The spinner just kept spinning. Would have watched it spin for quite a long time, which I guess counts as some form of irony.

The stream eventually replaced the spinner. I mostly hated it until Segel finally broke through for me near the end, in what felt like a force of will. I think the movie (more so than the book, which felt morbid and greedy from beginning to end) was trying very hard to be about the relationship between identity and work; it almost got there. The scene at the end where Eisenberg quickly catalogs the contents of the house was spot on in demonstrating just how wrong he was in doing that; the catalog is “interesting,” of course, but very much not the point. The work was the point. Not the depression, not the alcohol, not the fucking bandana. The work. Always and only the work.

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