Things I loved about Birdman, ranked.

A list about a movie.

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  1. That insanely long shot that takes you through act 1; it has to be at least 30 minutes long? Can only imagine the rehearsals for that. It was perfectly timed.
  2. The drumming. It’s a crime that Antonio Sanchez wasn’t nominated for an Oscar.
  3. The opening shot of Michael Keaton levitating/meditating four feet off the ground, and the natural way he transitioned from that pose to standing in his dressing room.
  4. The look that Edward Norton gives to Keaton after he absolutely crushes their first rehearsal scene…and knows it.
  5. Truth or dare, because Norton always answers “Truth.”
  6. That I took for granted I could watch it at home on my couch the night after it won best picture.

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Labs @ Medium. Avid reader, long time blogger.

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