1. Jesus, that guy could talk.
  2. I know that there is interest and a certain level of commercial viability in things related to DFW. And while as a fan (and a heavy reader) I found myself getting lost in the conversation between Lipsky and Wallace, about two-thirds of the way in I started to feel incredibly uneasy. The book is a rough transcript of a conversation Wallace and Lipsky had while Wallace was on his book tour for Infinite Jest, essentially a long interview for Rolling Stone. Much of their conversation centers around how Wallace is dealing with the “fame” that comes (or used to come from) being in Time and Newsweek and going on a book tour. And here’s this book-length version, which wouldn’t have been published without Wallace’s death, capitalizing on the fame / notoriety that came out of that. Again, there is legitimate interest in this conversation, since it happened at a very interesting time in Wallace’s life and career. But to me, someone who is clearly in the target market for this book (and the movie), the entire project feels, somehow, creepy as fuck. (And yes, I know I’m five years late with this less-than-astute observation.)
  3. There’s absolutely zero plot, save one cancelled flight. I have no idea how they’re going to turn this into a movie.

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