Amanda Mull, writing in The Atlantic about what’s lost in WingFH

Workplaces are complex social ecosystems just like all other places humans inhabit, and decentralizing them can obliterate the things that make them satisfying: knowing eye contact with a co-worker when a change you’ve been begging for is finally announced. A slightly-too-long lunch break with your desk neighbor because your boss is in meetings all day. Giving a presentation to your peers and watching them receive it well.

A ways back I wrote a piece (on this very website!) that is one of my favorites: TFW, Office edition. I’ll pull a Ben Thompson and quote myself:

That feeling when the company hits some big milestone that you didn’t really contribute to in any meaningful way, but you feel like you’re a part of it anyway, and an all hands meeting is called at 10am for that afternoon at 2pm and in the meantime no one can get anything done and your work crew email thread is blowing up with speculation and then at 2pm the CEO gets up and says congrats and she cuts the first slice of a big sheet cake and there’s champagne and you don’t say no when there’s an offer to fill your plastic cup and you raise your glass and feel proud when everyone toasts because it was a big milestone, after all.

I love working from home. And I really miss being with my colleagues. (Look, I just Yes And’d this whole thing, like we’re in an improv workshop or something. Send help.)

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